Lagos govt issues ultimatum to structures under high tension poles


LAGOS State government has
issued an ultimatum to owners of
structures under high tension poles
to remove them latest Wednesday,
next week.
The state government said the
resolve to establish zero tolerance
for all structures and properties
built under high tension cables
across the State was part of the
efforts to maintain a sustainable,
organised, liveable and friendly
In a statement issued by the
Commissioner, Ministry of
Physical Planning and Urban
Development, Anifowoshe Abiola,
said, “Buildings on the Right of
Way, ROW, under High Tension
Electricity Cables are dangerous,
illegal and a source of serious
concern to the State Government.”
He added that building or
conducting business under high
tension power lines constitute
a danger that could have fatal
According to the statement,
the State’s Urban and Regional
Planning and Development Law
2010, not only prohibits building
under the centre-line of over-head
electricity wires, it also mentioned
in very clear terms specified
distance to be observed between a
property and a public utility such
as the, PHCN, high tension cables.
“The state government, through
its relevant ministries and
agencies, will henceforth, enforce
applicable law strictly by removing all development and activities
encroaching on the Right of Way of
utilities and services”
Further, the statement said,
“required setback for buildings
from the centre-line of over-head
wires and horizontal distance
between such buildings of not less
than 6 meters for 11KV wire lines,
while 9 meters is the recommended
distance for 33KV wire lines.
“Furthermore, the recommended
setback for 132KV wire lines is 15
meters, while a 22.5-meter setback
is recommended for 330KV power
The commissioner highlighted
that, “The Ministry of Physical
Planning and Urban Development
had noted with dismay the
flagrant disobedience of Building
Regulations in the State, and
has therefore resolved to ensure
removal of all structures that are in
contravention of the law.
“Contravention notices have
already been served on offending
structures. Owners of such
structures are therefore urged to
remove them within the next seven
(7) days.”
“Failure to adhere to the directive”
according to the statement, “would
lead to the removal of such
structures by government at a cost
to be borne by owners, developers
or occupiers of such buildings.”
The statement urged the general
public to ensure that they obtain
necessary planning …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot