Family of kidnapped priest petitions NHRC


Family of kidnapped Catholic Priest and Vicar General of the Diocese of Otukpo, Very Revd Fr. John Adeyi have called on the National Human Right Commission, NHRC, to come to their aid in finding their son who was kidnapped on April 24 ,2016.
Speaking on behalf of the family, Mr. Daniel Ona explained that the incident occurred at Ogwun-gaga village between Ugbokolo in okpokwu and Otukpa local government areas in Benue state. He explained that the incidence was reported to security agencies in the state, but not much has been done and that is why they were in the commission to seek help in finding him.
Also speaking, Mr. Christopher Adeyi pointed out that since the ransom required by the kidnappers was paid on April 27, they have not heard from neither the kidnappers nor their brother. He therefore pleaded with the commission to contact all relevant security agencies, especially, in neighbouring states of Kogi and Enugu and the Inspector General of the Nigerian police to come to their aid and save their aged mother from the heartache.
Also at the commission to present petitions were the members Igbo community in Gboko. The president of the community, Chief Ikechukwu Obi explained that about seventeen of their members have been kidnapped and little or nothing has been done by security agency in the state. He said that the trend took a different dimension as women also are being kidnapped. He further pleaded to the commission to come to their rescue.
In addition, the commission also received petition from some staff of the Gboko local government area seeking help for the payment of outstanding salaries.
Responding to the petitions, executive secretary of the NHRC Prof. Bem Angwe appreciated the petitioners for coming to the commission, adding that it would do everything in their power to plead their …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot