No minister is bigger than legislature – Enang


Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Senatoe Ita Enang, has said that no minister was bigger than the legislature.
Enang said yesterday that all ministers and heads of agencies were subject to the authority of the National Assembly as stipulated in the Constitution.
He said such situation where some minsters considered themselves bigger than the legislature may have existed in the past, adding: “It is not so under the current administration.”
Enang said the current Executive, led by Buhari, had enjoyed very cordial relationship with the Legislature in the last one year, adding that no minister had shunned the invitation of the National Assembly.
He said: “This is one government where there has been straight and very free, cordial and exemplary working relationship between the executive and the legislature.
“I am sure that in previous times, you did hear of invitations to ministers or to some persons who considered themselves prime ministers or some serious ministers who would not ordinarily appear before the legislature.
“But under President Muhammmadu Buhari’s administration, under the change administration of the All Progressives Congress, all ministers and all persons are subject to the authorities of the legislature within the limits of the Constitution.
“This is one other aspect where we can score that we have done well in the maintenance of executive-legislative relationship.”
Enang added that the healthy relationship between both arms of government was further demonstrated by the attention which the President gave to Bills originated and passed by the legislature.
He exemplified this with the Bill seeking to increase the number of Federal Capital Territory High Court Judges from 37 to 75, which was passed by the legislature on Tuesday and was assented to on the same day.
“He respects the wisdom of the legislature and works in accord with the legislature.”
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Source:: Nigerian Pilot