Biafra will overrun South-South if legitimized – Yakassai


Elder statesman and chairman, Northern Elders Forum, NEC Alhaji Tanko Yakassai has canvassed the need for Nigerians to live together in order to unleash the potentials of the country as a unified entity.
Speaking exclusively with Nigerian Pilot in Kano, Yakassai said that people in majority are the guarantee of stability in any nation and therefore, urged minority groups to closely work with majority towards achieving a nation that is good for all.
He insists that the only way Nigeria can take its pride of place in the comity of nations is for it to remain one indivisible entity.
According to him, “The way some people are talking – dividing this country into six zones.
“What is worrying me is that I know the history of this country, he maintained. When Biafra republic was declared, it’s the other Nigerians that make it possible for the minorities in the East to have their self determination in their states. If there was no Nigeria they would have gone to Biafra forever. If we are divided today, and if the South-east zone is a region, one day they will overrun South-South if there is no Nigeria.
“So you need the Hausas, Yorubas, Ishekiri and others to go and rescue them. In fact, the people there will not want to invade the Southeast or South South because of the fear of the other people that will come and rescue them. “So, I’m terribly disappointed when I heard a man talking about dividing the country.”This is the man who was trying to be a presidential candidate recently to rule Nigeria one day; he is trying to destroy it.
“All you need in this country is to introduce programmes that will create employment or self employment and make people happy.
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Source:: Nigerian Pilot