AIT fires all workers in Edo station


African Independent Television, AIT, in Edo station has reportedly fired its entire staff with immediate effect.
Nigerian Pilot gathered that the mangement’s decision was conveyed in a letter June 2 and signed by the Senior Manager in charge of Human Resources, Victor Okasoga.
The affected staff have been owed for two years, but the sack letter did not indicate whether or not their salary arrears would be paid them.
Okasoga said their appointments have been terminated with effect from June 13 2016., directing that the affected workers should handover all company properties in “your possession especially your identity cards to the Head of the Centre “.
The letter threatened that, “Failure to surrender company properties in your possession may delay the processing of your entitlements.
It would be recalled that three weeks ago, the affected workers, including reporters, cameramen, presenters and producers protested the undue delays in payment of their salaries running into a year and six months.

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Source:: Nigerian Pilot