Bread to cost more – Masterbakers


Price of bread will soon rise in Nigeria. This was according to the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of the Nigeria, AMBCN, who warned that high cost of essentials for bread will necessitate the increase.
The association said it would be impossible for them to stay in business unless this necessary increment in the price of bread was effected.
Accordingly, the association said adjustment in the prices of bread was inevitable and therefore appealed to Nigerians to bear with them as they are equally struggling to cater for their families by remaining in business.
The association’s national chairman, Samuel Abanulor, disclosed this at a news conference in Umuahia yesterday, stressing that Bakers in the country have been operating at a lost due to the high cost of raw materials, such as flour and sugar.
“We are helpless because the price of raw materials ranging from flour to sugar, wheat and butter, has gone up. It is, therefore, imperative that for us to remain in business, we will have to increase the price of bread.”
Furthermore, he explained that the association at a meeting with flour producers appealed to them to review the price of flour downward but their request was rebuffed, forcing them to equally consider hiking the prices of bread nationwide.
“They told us that there is nothing they can do because the federal government is not giving them foreign exchange and that they source it by themselves at the parallel market. They maintained that they cannot sell below their cost price.”
Speaking on why it is difficult to resort to cassava flour to bake bread, the chairman said the federal government was yet to provide bakers with an improver called Enzyme that will enhance the cassava flour.
“You cannot bake cassava bread without an improver, it will not work. Our challenge is that we reached …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot