Lesbianism: Another taint on Nigerian football?


ISSUES relating to gay freedom seem to dominate every facet of the society, especially as more people identify with such liberty and association, albeit a vexed issue in some communities. Professionals of sundry vim are not left out. Not the least sports, were some renowned stars have openly confessed affiliation to odd sexual orientation. Nigeria is not an exception. It is, therefore, not surprising that sexual attitude among sports personnel has become topical and in some ways attributed to either high or the dwindling fortunes of the country in more than a particular sport. In fact, it was recently though tacitly identified as a major hindrance to the growth of female football, following the confession of a top member of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Seyi Akinwumi, that lesbianism or gay relations may have somewhat hampered female football development in Nigeria, though at the national team level. In fact, Akinwumi publicly admitted that the current killer against the growth of female soccer is lesbianism. Akinwumi, who spoke on the ills and the resultant damage that lesbianism has brought on Nigerian football declared thus “My passion for female football is as great as it is for grassroots football. But in reality, there are lots of problems with developing female football. It costs more and returns less. There are fewer players and less
interest in female football, but we have no excuse. “Lesbianism kills teams. People are afraid to talk about it. The coaches take advantage of the girls, so there is much more to build in female football,” he said in an apparent hint of the feelings of the NFF leadership. Though he later adduced that he was quoted out of context, but it was revealing, as he spoke without being lured into the subject matter and must have been meant to …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot