Niger Delta crisis: Activist blames Jonathan for failing to develop region


A Niger Deltan and environmental right activist, based in Netherlands, Comrade Sunny Ofehe has blamed former President Goodluck Jonathan for his failure to develop the region when in office, which has resulted to the reemergence of militancy in the region.
Ofehe in a statement obtained by Nigerian Pilot Saturday, said “ Jonathan who was born and bred in the region, understood better than any president before him the suffering of the people but failed woefully to promote policies that will meet the basic needs of the people.”
He expressed displeasure that former President Goodluck Jonathan, who under his watched the amnesty programme was launched to engender development of the region, but did not do much to address the problems of the region saying, “we lost a great opportunity to address the problems that plagued the Niger Delta region.”
“I personally expected him to address the UNEP report on Ogoniland and make sure the East-West road is finished within his tenure. He should have promoted policies that will meet the basic needs of the people and walk away with lasting legacies that would have cemented his position in the history of the Niger Delta.
“There is no doubt that he was a good man who meant well for the country but I personally think he didn’t match the goodness with the political will and power.”
He said the act of militancy in the Niger Delta region have always represented the interest of a few element in the region who he said seeks government recognition through militancy to the detriment of the core problems of the region.
Ofehe however urged security agents to deployed measures of intelligence gathering and consultation rather than the use of force to end the security imbroglio in the region.
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Source:: Nigerian Pilot