Americans will have to make some hard choices


One does not know whether to empathize or sympathize with US citizens at this time. Not that the global recession has hit them harder than any other country. Also, it is not that, like the United Kingdom who voted to leave the European Union (EU), they are “feeling the heat”. We can also not say that the country is in a period of great mourning as a result of the loss of a great statesman. But because, the country has to face the hard-or harder- choice of having to make a choice of who becomes President between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!
Don’t let us lose our perspectives. Both candidates are fantastic personalities and their outputs speak for themselves. It will take an unrepentant sadist to take building a real estate empire, like Trump did in New York, with the wave of the hands; just as Hillary’s public service experience is too intimidating to ignore, even to the blind. The fact that the US political system presents (or threw up) to its electorates, and the world by extension, two “controversial” presidential candidates, means they must make a very difficult choice come November.
Making tough choices appear to be part of the American way of life. President Franklin Roosevelt faced the hard choice of “protecting American security” by confining thousands of Japanese immigrants and natural-born citizens in remote camps after the Japanese Navy launched their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941; to President Jimmy Carter’s handling of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.
If voting can be seen to signify an approval, influence a determination to change, pledge of allegiance and a disaffection to a particular choice, candidate or political party, then we need to understand what the Germans felt after the World War I, when they “elected” Adolf Hitler or what Italians …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot