Occultic pastor nabbed in Enugu


thE admonition given by Jesus the Christ that people should be wary of false prophets that go in sheep’s clothing but are ravening wolves, will best describe what the residents of USSCO Street, Garriki Awkunanaw, Enugu witnessed recently, precisely on June 28, 2016. On the fateful day, the people of the area were treated to a sordid spectacle when the landowner of No. 5 USSCO Street by Ebony Paint Road, Garriki, Awkunanaw, Enugu brought a court injunction to eject one of his tenants, the proprietor of Tracey International Secondary School and in the process discovered a can of worms. It was gathered that while the people who came to eject the erring tenant mistakenly broke a door being occupied by another tenant, Jehovah Omini Sharp, Sharp Ministry, they stumbled into
what left them aghast. When the properties in the premises were being brought out, the people discovered that the pastor in charge of the Ministry whose name was given as Senior Spiritual, Ben Smart, was keeping queer objects in some boxes. When one of the boxes was thrown out from the building, what the people saw baffled them as different pictures were seen in the box. According to eyewitness account, pictures of pregnant women tied with ropes that of girls and some couples were found in the box. The crowd that gathered interpreted the ominous signs to mean that the fake pastor was Smartly, according to his name, tying peoples destiny by preventing them from getting married or delivering their pregnancies freely without complications. Piqued by what they saw, a mob was formed immediately, the signboard of the ministry was pulled out and destroyed, and all the pictures and furniture in the hall were set ablaze. Residents in the area who spoke to our correspondent on the incident said that the …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot