Nigerians Should Abstain From Eating Chicken Between January 1 and 8 – Prophet Marcus Tibetan


“If Nigerians want to get it right in the New Year, they must keep off from eating chicken between January 1st and January 8th” says Reverend Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, Shepherd in charge, Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Dublin and Nigeria).

The prophet famously known as ‘The Nostradamus of Our Time’ gave the prophecy during a special end of the year service at his Lagos cathedral at Ajegunle area of Lagos (Near Gateway Hotel, Ota). Prophet Marcus said this is what the Lord revealed to him for Nigerians in the New Year. He said “If you call December your cross-over month, then you should know what you are crossing-over into. Are you crossing over into poverty or you are crossing over into riches and opportunities? If you are crossing over into riches, why are you crossing over with a two leg animal? Why are you chickening your life to poverty?” He asked. The man of God buttressed his prophecy with the Book of Exodus 12 from verse 3 to 12.

He declared “From January to December, you mean you couldn’t kill a cow or a ram to appreciate God for sparing your life but a Chicken? Why should you wait till New Year or Christmas to kill a chicken? The Lord said anyone who eats chicken between January 1 and January 8 is bound to repeat his class and no cross over for such person in 2017”.

Prophet Marcus enlighten further “You can eat cow meat, ram meat or even goat meat or fish. But chicken, please, stay away from it between January 1 and January 8 or else you will struggle through the year, says The Lord”

Prophet Tibetan who will be launching his 2017 Prediction book in the first week of January, 2017 gave more revelations why many Christians are poorer than their Muslim counterparts “Let’s say you are a family of 10, the father, mother, the children and relatives. Then, you go to the market and purchase a sick chicken. You slaughter the chicken and cut it into ten pieces and you are happy that you have slaughtered chicken?. So, how many part do you cut the chicken into? How many are you in the house? Who gets what? You see that, even from the physical analysis, it is ridiculous. Why are the Muslims richer than Christians today? Because they slaughter a ram or a cow and make sure the sprinkle that blood during their celebration to celebrate God’s grace in their lives. They share the meat to all neighbors and you see how God blesses them afterwards. Because they did what Abraham did in the book of Genesis 22 from verse 1 to 15. He gave Abraham the mandate to kill a ram instead of his son. The Muslims kill rams during their festive period. A ram is a four leg animal but the Christians kill chicken. A chicken is a two leg animal. So, you see how God gives them chicken blessing every year?. They are always restless like a fowl and always scattering things like a fowl. So, if you want to be great in 2017, avoid chicken in the first 8 days. It will be good if you can heed this warning because it is divine”

Speaking further on the topic of CROSS-OVER, the Dublin based man of God said “There is nothing like cross over, what many people are observing is a carry-over while many others are just repeating their classes”.

He elaborated further “A man who borrowed money from a bank and has not been able to pay back is only having a Carry-Over and not Cross over. Of course, a man who snatched his neighbours’ wife or does anything as specified in Galatians 5:22 to 24 is going to carry-over from January 2017 to December 2017. And for those who couldn’t secure a job from January 1 to December 31, they are only going to repeat their classes. There is nothing new in the year for them. Nothing, new for a fornicator, adulterer, 419ner or swindler. You are only repeating January. If January can give you a new lease of life, then you pass your life text. Except February to December can give you a new job, a new wife, a new child, a new house or a new lease of life, you are just repeating your class. Some people have been repeating their classes for the past 43 years and some in the last 50 years, nothing changed but God has been pardoning many while some have passed into the graveyard”

“However, for some, it is double jeopardy. They are repeating as well as having a carry-over. Those are people whom life screwed badly. For you to have a brand new beginning in 2017, don’t’t join them in their chicken spree. Eat any meat but chicken” Prophet Tibetan enjoined Nigerians.

Culled from Asabeafrika Blog