God’s wrath is near, cleric warns Nigerians


Eromosele Ebhomele
Abdulbaq Ladi-Balogun (left) with two guests at the lecture
The Chief Imam of Offa in Kwara state, Western Nigeria, Sheikh Muhydeen Huassain Salman Al-Adabiyy, has warned that Nigeria, like other parts of the world would soon be visited by the wrath of God.
“Except the people change their ways, they cannot escape this wrath,” he said at Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Lagos state during a Ramadan lecture organised by Abdulbaq Ladi-Balogun, former member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, who represented Ajeromi-Ifelodun Constituency 1 in the seventh Assembly.
Sheikh Al-Adabiyy, who told the crowd that the traditional ruler of Offa town directed him to honour the former lawmaker despite having another event in Offa, disclosed that events unfolding in the world currently had been seen by Prophet Mohammed.
According to him, during his last sermon on earth, the Prophet had predicted that a time would come when neighbours would turn against themselves irrespective of religion.
He also quoted Prophet Mohammed as preaching then that at a time, lies would overshadow the truth and the rich would treat the poor with disdain.
He asked how islamic it was for people to bomb places of worship in the name of the same religion that preaches peaceful coexistence and love for one another.
He lamented that nowadays, it is not uncommon to see clergymen who, rather than preach the message and bring people to God, now engage in worshipping money instead.
For example, he said these clergymen have now stooped so low to the extent of campaigning for politicians and even going about helping them to paste posters during campaigns.
He however warned them against turning their husbands’ houses into war zones as some, he said, always want their children to inherit properties and so turn their step children wayward.
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Source:: PM Newspaper