Let’s sacrifice for change, APC lawmaker urges colleagues


Hon. Bisi Yusuff
A Lagos lawmaker, Bisi Yusuff, on Sunday urged lawmakers in the country to make sacrifice in the interest of the masses.
Yusuff (APC-Alimosho 1), Lagos House of Assembly, spoke against the backdrop of the call for lawmakers to review their salaries and allowances.
The lawmaker, who spoke with NAN in Lagos, advised his colleagues to ensure positive change in the living condition of Nigerians.
“Anything that will bring change should be embraced by all of us; there is no change without sacrifice, this is my personal opinion.
“While the government is doing its best, individuals too must also think of making the economy more vibrant,” Yusuff said.
Commenting on calls for the introduction of ‘part-time’ legislature, the lawmaker said the country was not ripe enough for such exercise,adding “I adding don’t think we are ripe for part-time legislature because we are doing a lot of things.”
He however, expressed confidence that the present administration would transform the country, urging Nigerians not to be in hurry.
On the activities of insurgents, Yusuff commended the President Buhari for the steps taken so far.
“It seems we are too much in a hurry; the system had been bad for so many years and you want somebody to provide solutions immediately.
“If you plant a palm tree, it is not that very day that you will start reaping; very soon, you would see the outcome of what the president is doing.
“If the Federal Government can divert the money used for subsidy to provide security, roads, electricity and make refineries work well, the masses will be happy.
“Once we refine our crude oil, the pump price of petroleum will come down, jobs will be created and the welfare of people’s will be enhanced,” Yusuff said …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper