Okey Ndibe And His Fantasy


By Joe Igbokwe
Almost a year ago, during the formative stages of APC, I had warned Nigerians that PDP will not go down without a fight. I had written then that PDP and its supporters will not go down without pulling down the house if the need be. I remember I warmed APC leaders, to put their acts together, gird their loins and prepare for the great task ahead.
Today, I know that what is playing itself out at the National Assembly will not be a surprise to APC and I know they have the common sense to defeat the remaining vestiges of the incubus of PDP built for 16 years in Nigeria. I know also that PDP’s foot soldiers and supporters are still crying and rolling on the ground cursing the day APC was formed, the day President Buhari was born, the day he picked the ticket of APC, the day he won the Presidential election and the day he was sworn in as the president of Nigeria. They did not in their wildest imagination believe that APC will snatch the feeding bottles from their huge mouths. Consequently, these men and women of years of the locusts find it difficult to come to terms that it is all over for them, and no longer business as usual.
One man who has refused to accept the realities on the ground in Nigeria of today is one Okey Ndibe from Anambra State who lives in the United States. Okey is a well known sympathizer of PDP but he cleverly tries to deceive the public by pretending to be neutral in matters of Nigeria politics. On few occasions I have joined issues with Okey Ndibe to be a man he should and take a stand. Okey believes that …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper