President Buhari, Crack The Whip Now!


By Godwin Onyeacholem
Of Buhari’s presidency so far, one thing is clear: the pace is inversely proportional to the quantum of public anger bred by decades of horrible post-colonial leadership. And at no time is this sense of indignation and cynicism more intense than in the last sixteen years.
But surprisingly, whether in the social, political and economic sphere, none of the actions so far taken under this government appears far-reaching enough to clear the trauma of accumulated rage and disillusionment tormenting the people of this beleaguered country.
Buhari has indicated that he wants to be seen as operating from a clean slate. But truth is there are some pasts he cannot afford to let go. For the kind of devious democracy that Nigeria and most developingcountries practise, a well-intentioned leader like him would need to unleash some measure of favourable dictatorship over time for a semblance of genuine democracy to be attained.
Such dictatorships, while not threatening the corporate entity, should instantly send a clear message that the era of impunity, the unacceptable era of “anything goes,” is indeed over. Unfortunately, that has yet to happenin one month of the Buhari administration.
For instance, consider the pressing issue of ensuring the integrity of our elections. Isn’t it shocking that for all the reverberating shame brought on to Nigeria by the scandalous electoral manipulation of the 2014 Ekiti governorship election perpetrated by high-ranking military officers and top PDP politicians and government officials, Buhari seems not to be outraged? For goodness sake, what is our president waiting for?
For a government that waved the banner of change to get the people’s vote, a government in which the people are virtually drowning in the official sputum of “it’s not longer going to be business as usual,” you would expect Buhari, himself a certified victim of serial electoral fraud …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper