Boko Haram And The  Assault On Education


By Rasak Musbau
Ignorance, Poverty and Strife – the real axis of evil- are not inevitable in any part of this blessed country. Each of them can safely be said to have their root in the failure of all tiers of governments to sufficiently invest in education. It is this failure to accord education a prime of place for decades that has led to the emergence of chapter of strife and insurgency in our history.
The early history of Nigeria runs parallel to the history of Nigerian education, because the founding fathers of this nation knew that not much could be achieved without education and they consequently gave education prominent attention. They had the foresight to realize that desired high quality workforce, without which national development is impossible, could only be guaranteed by investing in education.
In the defunct Northern Nigeria, one of the greatest achievements of Sir Ahmadu Bello was in the field of education. Under his administration, Northerners (boys and girls), who were poor but ready to learn were encouraged to go to school. They had free access to scholarships which helped them to get to any level of education they desired. Many of those who acquired western education became very successful in their various fields. He knew the importance of education and he went to the grassroots to mobilize for not only Islamic education but also Western education.
Similarly, in the defunct western region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo used the free education programme for economic, social and cultural emancipation of his people. His burning desire to extend his achievement in the western region to the whole nation was still very high in 1983 when he (Awolowo) said: “To finance free education, we are going to block wastages like the N350 million allocated to be spent on chocolate in the Third National Development …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper