Before Buhari Goes To America By SKC Ogbonnia


By SKC Ogbonnia
President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria
President Muhammadu Buhari will be the guest of President Barack Obama of the United States of America on July 20, 2015. This visit is uniquely different.
First, Nigeria no longer commands the respect and confidence it once did during the oil boom where the United States was competing to remain the top importer of Nigeria’s crude. Second, for no fault of his own, Buhari is going to America on a precarious perch to plead for Uncle Sam’s help. But before then, here is a necessary mock to consider.
Insecurity, particularly Boko Haram, is expected to top the agenda. However, it has become apparent that something else will dominate the august meeting.
Of course, President Buhari will have the opportunity to appeal for additional US aid in combating the terrorist group, among other issues. But his request will meet wide-opened-eyes blaring with teetering suspicions.
Obama’s view of Nigeria is an open book. When compared to the era of George W. Bush, the first African American President has been less charitable to Africa, particularly Nigeria because of the endemic corruption that continues to ravage our nation. He is not alone. People with common sense are mystified of how and why Nigerian leaders have been so ruthless in squandering the future of the country through institutionalized corruption.
To that end, Obama is acutely aware that past efforts on Boko Haram were not hampered because of lack of funds or lack of human resources. He is keenly aware that the failure is squarely tied to corruption in the security services. The American President, no doubt, will remind President Buhari that his pledge of eradicating systemic corruption in the African country was the main reason the masses as well as the international community rooted for a change. But the ovation on the pledge …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper