GE Technology powers Lekki Free Trade Zone


FILE PHOTO: L-R: Lazarus Agbazo, President GE Nigeria, Patricia Obozuwa, Communications Director, GE Africa and Penny Shone, Global Communications Director, GE
General Electric (NYSE: GE) has announced four of its Waukesha gas Enginators were commissioned at Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) near Lagos, providing 12 megawatts (MW) of uninterrupted power supply to the first phase of the Lekki development zone.
With three Waukesha 275GL+ and one VHP 7104GSI gas Enginators, the project is the largest of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa using GE’s 275GL+ and VHP Enginator technology.
The engines’ wide fuel flexibility and ability to run on compressed natural gas and propane provides operators with a cost-effective alternative while meeting the zone’s strict environmental guidelines regarding exhaust emissions.
“The future of the Lekki Trade Zone is essential to Nigeria’s growth as West Africa’s economic driver. We cannot accomplish our expansion goals without a reliable source of continuous power, which is why we turned to GE’s Waukesha technology as a solution,” Omodele Doherty, AGM—Business Development of the Lekki Free Trade Zone said.
The Lekki Free Trade Zone covers a total area of 16,500 hectares and is being developed in a joint venture between the Lagos State Government and the Chinese consortium CCECC-Beyond International Investment & Development Co., Ltd (CCECC-Beyond). The Waukesha Enginators were procured from GE and supplied by China Diesel Support Services Ltd (CDSS), a Hong Kong-based authorized distributor of GE’s Waukesha gas engines.
The Lekki Free Trade Zone (Phase I) electrical power requirements at full occupancy is envisaged to expand to an estimated 540 MW gross capacity, as the Free Trade Zone quickly develops into one of the largest free-trade commercial, logistics and manufacturing hubs in West Africa. Development in the LFTZ is supported by investment incentives from the Lagos State government and further growth is expected as the area …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper