Buhari, US Vice-President compare notes on anti-terror war


President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in Washington DC, US was hosted to a breakfast meeting by American Vice-President, Joe Biden, where they compared notes on the terror war.
At the meeting, which held at the Naval Observatory, official residence of Vice President, Biden shared with his guest what the US had learnt from the terror war, saying that “victory cannot come from military option alone.”
He said that military option must be combined with strong socio-economic support programmes, promising that the US would work with Nigeria in that direction.
Biden assured of the goodwill of the US in rebuilding the Nigerian economy, but observed that corruption and weak institutions must be tackled, if Nigeria was to benefit from reforms.
He stressed that seasoned technocrats must manage key sectors of the Nigerian economy, and only then would investors be attracted to the country.
Biden congratulated Buhari on his victory at the March 2015 elections, adding that it was obvious that the President enjoyed the confidence of the Nigerian people.
In his remarks, Buhari thanked the US for standing by Nigeria in the run up to general elections early this year, noting that the visit of the Secretary of State, John Kerry, was critical as it sent home the message that America would not brook the subversion of the people’s will.
On oil theft, the President estimated losses at between 10 and 20 billion dollars, stressing that such income could have been deployed with salutary impact on various spheres of national life such as education and healthcare, among others.
NAN reports that both America and Nigeria pledged renewed commitment to work as partners at the very insightful meeting. …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper