Halliburton Bribery: The Timeline of a Scandal


By Remi Oyeyemi
Sani Abacha, former Nigerian dictator
“A mediocre with adequate information is at a better advantage compared to a genius without information.”
– Anonymous
President Mohammadu Buhari, in a refreshing and confidence building move, has ordered the reopening of the files relating to the Halliburton scandal as it involves a number of Nigerian leaders. In the course of doing a research on an article related to this subject I came across the information below which provides the chronological history of a scandal that tainted Nigeria and Nigerians to no end. This information below, I assume, is already in the hands of those tasked by the President to investigate this matter. In case it is not, I believe they would find this handy.
As we all struggle towards an open society, where the threats of assassination is removed, where the monster of corruption is effectively tamed, where honesty and integrity are the bulwark of public service, where merit is adequately rewarded, where governance is geared towards the interest of the people, it is my belief that there is nothing wrong if one refreshes the memories of Nigerians who have been duped by those entrusted with power in our commonwealth. Hence I have decided to publish this information verbatim. Happy reading:
1988: Dresser Industries acquires M.W. Kellogg, ten years before Dresser merges with Halliburton.
September 1994: M.W. Kellogg and three other companies form a partnership known as TSKJ, incorporated in Medeira, Portugal. Each partner owns a 25 per cent equal share. Kellogg’s three other partners are Technip of France, Italy’s Snamprogetti, and Japan Gasoline Corp. The partnership submits a bid to Nigeria LNG to build a natural gas plant in Nigeria. Nigeria LNG is owned by the Nigerian government and Royal Dutch/Shell Group. TSKJ’s $2 billion bid is not immediately accepted even though it was …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper