I believe I will succeed, says Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari during an interactive session at the US Institute of Peace
President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said that he believes he would succeed despite the daunting task ahead of him, noting that, he would work very hard to sustain the current goodwill his government had received at home and abroad.
The President, who was reacting to a question after his address at the United States Institute for Peace, in Washington DC on how he intended to leverage on the enormous goodwill being enjoyed by his administration and meet the huge expectations of the people, said despite his perceived slowness and the reality of lack of resources, he would work very hard “so that people will see and believe that we are trying and can deliver and hopefully become less critical.”
President Buhari, while acknowledging the huge challenges confronting his administration such as the crash in the price of crude oil, its theft, pipeline vandalisation in the Niger Delta, hostage taking and insecurity in the North East, restated his determination to sustain the goodwill by working very hard.
“And I believe I will succeed,” he declared emphatically.
In his main speech to the distinguished audience, the President also reaffirmed that, “despite our current challenges, Nigeria’s commitment to good governance, anti-corruption, democracy and security of lives and property remains firm. Similarly, I must reaffirm that despite the current challenges that we face domestically, we are ready and willing to face our duties…​Fixing Nigeria’s problems as formidable as they are is the responsibility of Nigerians.
The international community can only assist, but the hard work belongs to Nigerians and their government. I will as President, lead from the front, but all Nigerians, including the opposition parties, civil society, business and religious leaders, public servants, labour unions, the youth and professional associations all have important roles to …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper