My Face, My Grace


By Sharon Jane Akinyemi
My teenage daughter has become very conscious of her facial looks. She has also become very worried lately, having noticed some traces of acne on her beautiful face. She said to me- “mum this is not funny, what is happening to my face, oh my God what do I do, what do I use?” This lamentation goes on almost every day. At a point I was disturbed because I lacked what to say to her. But when I contacted an acne expert in the UK, she said to me, “Sharon your daughter is experiencing some physiological events which is normal for her age and probably her body make up.”
Hear what she said further to me: Acne is one of the most common conditions I help individuals with as a dermatologist. One of the toughest parts of treating acne is to get individuals to avoid picking their skin. The main reason to avoid doing so is to reduce the risk of permanent scarring and injury.
Sharon Jane Akinyemi
Today’s health article provides an overview of why picking pimples is not a good idea.
Acne Scarring- Why You Should Never Pick Zits or Pop Pimples
A pimple is a bumpy lesion with swelling in the skin that frequently has a pustule on the top. You develop these due to skin pores that are clogged with oil, dirt and environmental debris. Having pimples on your skin can be really annoying. Whether you are a teenager, young adult, or 40 year-old, pimples cause embarrassment and take away from your self-esteem. They take away that fresh and radiant glow from your skin and leave it dull and unattractive.
Now as bad as pimples are, have you ever thought what could be worse than pimples? Well, the answer is acne scars definitely because pimples can disappear in few …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper