President Buhari’s Great Diplomatic Feat For A Change


By Peter Claver Oparah
No doubt the four-day official visit of President Muhammadu Buhari came off so successfully on every count that the country, struggling to effect mitigation from the wreckage the immediate past government and indeed all other past governments made of it, stands to soon reap from that important visit. President Buhari’s visit not only resonated in its spectacular success but re-integrated the country to the comity of serious nations where it had been cast as a pitiable outlaw via the humiliating conducts of the immediate past government.
For the six years the outgone government was blubbering so miserably from one policy mistake to the other, the country was taken as an unserious joker in the comity of nations. From all practical indices the developed world saw the past government as a huge parody and spared nothing to pass that demeaning message. Nigerians were sorely embarrassed as a fidgety and dense government stumbled from one mediocre pit fall to the other and dragged the country down a disappointing maze. Nigerians watched in awe as the country became a regular butt of the ribaldry of the entire world who missed no opportunity to tell us in cryptic and unfamiliar non-diplomatic terms that we had a misfit as a government.
These were very huge liabilities that vitiated the capacity of Nigeria not only to fulfill its roles to her citizens but also to play a notable role even in the African continent. While these lasted, Nigeria’s image plummeted to such abysmally low level that negatively robbed off on its citizenry. Its capacity to carry out any meaningful activity in the international orbit waned so considerably such that nations ran from doing even perfunctory businesses with Nigeria on account of the low grade leadership that drove it.
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Source:: PM Newspaper