How we met Kaduna State and what we are doing to change it – By Nasir El-Rufai


Malam Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna State Governor
Dear good people of Kaduna State,
It has been exactly two months since I took the oath of office as your governor, a position of responsibility that you bestowed on my humble self with your votes.
In my inaugural address, I outlined our vision for Kaduna State and mentioned some of the things our administration will accord priority. Today, I am pleased to state that we have begun to put in place some of the things we promised to do.
A few days to our inauguration, we announced the appointment of some key staff of the administration. The deciding factor was not ethnicity or religion, but the education, experience and capacity to get things done for the benefit of the state. We therefore selected and appointed capable and competent Nigerians that we trust to work selflessly for the people of Kaduna State. It may be early days yet, but I can assure you that we are already benefiting from their tremendous wealth of experience in various sectors.
We took seriously the importance of setting the tone of our administration early, and this is opening windows of opportunity for Kaduna State. Permit me to again express my gratitude at the choice you have made to vote for the APC, and to reassure you that my party, team members and I are totally dedicated to doing the work that you have elected us to do.
However, we must be under no illusion that the task at hand would be an easy one. Without over-flogging the issue, it must be stated that the level of decay we inherited was far worse than we imagined. Immediately we assumed office, we devoted our first week to receiving briefings from the ministries, departments and agencies of the government.
This set the stage for the Transition Committee, which …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper