Of Bola Tinubu And The Yoruba Race In Nation Building


By Segun Olulade
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
I see Nigeria’s political space getting clearer by the day. In anger and frustration over misrule by some previous civilian governments, many Nigerians in the past had fumed and affirmed that Nigeria would have been a better country under military rule except that the military boys came with discipline put inside their boots and got carried away, loading AK 47 automatic weapon of mass corruption for action; a situation that did not make them better off than the democratic governments they had toppled.
Today, it is a good thing that Nigerians no longer wake up with ‘Made by Army’ brand of dreams. We have accepted democracy as the way to go come rain come sunshine. That we are able to live with our democracy is a good sign that there is a better alternative to totalitarian and jungle system. Good, fair or bad, the common belief is that we can organise our society with laws that take care of every aspects of our lives. As a result, democracy has come to stay with us.
The Independence era, the civil war era, the military interventions, the truncated democratic eras and the full-fleshed democratic period of today all have stories associated with them. Actors, gladiators, stakeholders, heroes, cabals, patriots, martyrs, chameleons, reformers have emerged in our 54 year-old history of independence. Nigeria has had its share of leadership by force, leadership by fiat, leadership by error, the ‘genius’ we never crowned. It has also had progressively passionate leaders.
Tomorrow, lest the Niger-Delta says a minority was never allowed to rule, they got a Jonathan. The Yoruba race has had a fair share of governance in the country; the North has tasted power and like Oliver twist asks for more. The Igbo race had Azikwe (1) in the independence era (Nnamdi …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper