Buhari’s Roadmap To Steer An Adrift Nation Aright


By Peter Claver Oparah
President Muhammadu Buhari is on an arduous task. It is a tough and mine-laden task. He has a demanding mission to clean the Augean stable left behind by the wasteful and prodigal Jonathan regime. He has mountain of debris to clear, he has huge debts to pay, has gargantuan liabilities to settle. He inherited a battered country; a country where the outgoing leadership worshipped and deified corruption and ensured that its tentacles spread to every facet of our national life. He has a task to let Nigerians accept that stealing is corruption, contrary to the ethos of the outgone Jonathan regime.
He has an unenviable mission to set the right moral tone for an ethically rusty and morally depraved nation that is basking on the cusps of bankruptcy. He is doing that despite the syndicated tactics of the corrupt cabal he defeated last March and who feels threatened by his resolve to root out corruption from the body fabric of the country. He knows that when one fights corruption, corruption mobilizes tenfold to fight back and he is up to the task. He therefore sees the noisome distractions, the baleful cries of woes and the impudent charge that he is doing enough two months in power as war cries of the retreating forces of corruption who can do anything to stop Buhari on his tracks and continue the ruination he is tackling.
For most of us who endured the blitzkrieg of a desperate and dying regime and its wolfish ramparts to campaign for, work for and vote for President Buhari, our goals were as clear as our mission. Inherent in the largely-voluntary campaign that saw Buhari defeat an incumbent Goodluck Jonathan regime in a historic March 2015 presidential election and the sweepstake his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper