“President Buhari’s Jobs Search” By Garba Shehu


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari
The ongoing ministerial briefing of the President at the State House, Abuja, put a spotlight on an important sector long neglected by previous administrations, yet one that can create millions of jobs.
The first briefing of a President by the Ministry of Science and Technology and its parastatal organization, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, NASENI, over a period of many years showcased opportunities and the enormous achievements made in the invention, fabrication and assembly of capital products for the sustainable industrialization of the country.
A matter for serious concern for President Muhammadu Buhari, who campaigned on a promise to create jobs is the paucity of investments in industry, without which there can be no new jobs or incomes.
Experts have warned a long time ago that Nigeria has been frittering away its demographic dividend.
Sixty-five per cent (65%) of the country’s population is made up of youth, and a majority of whom are said to be jobless. The President has been quick to see the danger which he describes as the next most potent for the nation after Boko Haram.
In fairness to them, it is not as if past governments hadn’t seen this problem coming.
The difference President Buahari wants to make can only succeed by moving away from past measures with only palliative effect on youth unemployment.
President Buhari has often spoken about agriculture, public works, IT, industry and mining as capable of delivering the quick wins.
Past agricultural practices have had the effect of constricting the definition of farming.
For agriculture to deliver jobs on the scale the President is looking at, it has to go beyond cropping and cereal production. The whole concept has to change.
It is for this reason that the new administration is seeking to boost livestock, fisheries, horticulture; geese, duck and bee farming and all that. …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper