For the sake of Nigeria’s U-13 and U-15 national teams


By Seyi Oluwole
FILE PHOTO: Nigerian U-13 team
I’m a Nigerian residing in Belgium. Nigeria and I don’t care what anybody says is the giant of Africa. No single county besides the United States has her imprint all over the world like Nigeria. Some of the brightest minds, celebrated actors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists, writers, athletes, etc is excelling like Nigerians.
I love Nigeria and I proudly flaunt my Nigerian flag on my car, Nigerian sweater in the cold, Nigerian language to my children. I love who I am, where I’m from and what we represent. I may live in Belgium, but my heart and soul resides in Nigeria.
It was with great dismay this past week that I was at the Belgium Football Association Headquarters on the invite of the FA and I witnessed player after player come into the office for registration and processing when I heard my language being spoken by a father to his son coming to register to be a part of the Belgium U15 national team. I immediately approached the gentleman and introduced myself to him.
I asked him why his son is not playing for our country and his reply was baffling and at the same time upsetting. He said because we don’t have a U15 national team. He told me that if we did, he would have gladly preferred his son to play for his father’s land but the Belgium National team has been inviting him for training camps since U13s.
I couldn’t believe that the undisputed giants of Africa would allow other nations to take our players simple because we don’t have a team for them so I looked up the NFA’s website to see if we have a U13 and U15 team.
I found that we have a coach for the team but no …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper