World Jollof Rice Day takes centre stage


Eromosele Ebhomele
A woman cooking jollof rice
To some, this should not be an issue of discussion, but for Nigerians, one of the happiest countries in the world, the World Jollof Rice Day must be celebrated.
Whether you are rich or poor, men or women, boy or girl eating jollof rice seem something like a tradition of some sort. Nigerians eagerly attend parties with the hope of having a plate of jollof rice.
The importance of jollof rice to Nigerians is so high that even telecommunications giants like Airtel and Etisalat were not left out of the celebration as they took time to congratulate Nigerians for this celebration.
The #tag which has been trending since Saturday, has also afforded many Nigerians the opportunity to recall funny past experiences with preparing and eating jollof rice.
Some used the opportunity to warn others to leave any party they attend without jollof rice in the menu.
Although contestable, Bimpe Bisoye, reckons that jollof rice served at burial ceremonies are the sweetest. This she says is followed by those served at wedding ceremonies while those served at birthday parties or other parties come least on her rankings.
For Airtel Nigeria, using @AirtelNigeria with a photograph to match, said: “don’t let anybody treat you like white rice; you are Jollof Rice; the life of the Party! Happy #WorldJollofRiceDay.”

A Nigerian using the handle: @Em_Odd, said: “let us take time to celebrate this one food that has saved many lives in this part of d world..happy #worldjollofriceday”
For Enitan Jacobson using @jeycube2 on Twitter, “making jollof rice trend is one thing, knowing how to cook It is another thing.”
In a series of tweets, Abubakar Babangida using @Abubakarbabang7, said: “Boyfri-end Girlfri-end Fri-end. Everything has an end but jollof rice has no end. #WorldJollofRiceDay
“Behind all that sweet jollof rice , there is a burnt story and someone washing …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper