Jonathan saved Nigeria from disintegration


By Eni Blessing
If there is one event in the history of Nigeria over which most of her citizens still hold their breath, even months after its conclusion, it is the last General Elections in the country, especially the Presidential election. One of the reasons is that most people are yet to come to terms with the reality of the peaceful conclusion of the elections. As far back as 2010, or thereabouts, numerous doomsday predictions were mouthed including that Nigeria would disintegrate by 2015. As the days drew near, events, both in the political, economic and even religious spheres did little to prevent that prediction. Aside the menace of the Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram, in the North-eastern part of the country, many other events occurred between that period and the election year to heat up the polity. It was, therefore, almost unbelievable that the elections came and went peacefully with a smooth change of government.
What, however, made the last general elections more significant is that for the first time in the political history of Nigeria, a sitting president was defeated in an election in which he was a candidate. The truth and reality is that in most countries of Africa “the power of incumbency” has largely been used often to subvert the will of the electorate. Nigeria had not been an exception until, of course, the last Presidential election on 28 March. This, in itself, is a point to note in favour of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who, it would be recalled, made a firm promise during his campaigns that under his watch, the general elections would be free and fair. One of the most remarkable statements he made while conceding victory to Buhari was: “As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper