NGO raises concern over lack of implementation of Sexual Offenses Bill


The Burst Development Initiative (BDI), an NGO, on Thursday raised concerns over the lack of implementation of Sexual Offenses Bill 2015 in some parts of the country.
Mrs Edema Irom, the President of the group, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, attributed the alarming increase of sexual abuse against children to the non implementation of the bill.
He observed that cases of child molestation were still on the rise even after a bill aimed at protecting them from such ordeal had been passed.
Irom said that the bill was yet to achieve the desired result, adding that the lack of implementation still exposed children to sexual molestation and abuse by the people who should protect them.
“Sexual molestation of children is still on the rise. That means the aim of passing the bill is defeated. It is so easy to pass bills into law but implementing them is a problem.
“Until we set precedence and clear cut cases where people are actually penalised, we cannot achieve anything.
“Everyday, we hear how law enforcement agents arrest one child molester or the other but after that we rarely hear what kind of punishment these people receive.
“When we do not see these people serving the punishment they deserve for their crime then there is nothing that will stop others who are thinking of committing this same crime from doing so,” she said.
Irom, who recalled the case of a lady whose husband had allegedly poured hot water on her leading to her death, said that the husband was yet to be punished for his crime.
According to Irom, there is need to sensitise and enlighten the men on the implications of seeing children as sex objects and the women folk as tools to be used, mistreated and …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper