Migrant crisis deepens as thousands pour into Austria


Migrants queue to board a train heading to Serbia near Gevgelija at the border between Greece and Macedonia on September 20, 2015 (AFP Photo/Nikolay Doychinov)
AFP – Crowded aboard buses and trains, thousands more migrants flooded into Austria on Sunday from countries unable or unwilling to cope with a desperate human tide fleeing war and poverty for a better life in western Europe.
Austrian police said more than 11,000 entered the country on Saturday, and another 4,700 arrived Sunday through the Nickelsdorf border post from Hungary.
Most of the migrants had made the gruelling journey across the Balkans into western Europe, with Croatia saying 21,000 had entered its territory in the past four days.
The Austrian Red Cross said 2,000 made it into Germany by avoiding border posts.
The bulk of the migrants are fleeing the war in Syria, with the European Union receiving almost a quarter of a million asylum requests in the three months to June.
Germany alone expects up to a million asylum seekers this year, but the country’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the EU should in the future take a finite number of migrants, while sending the rest back to a safe country in their home regions.
The continent’s biggest migratory flow since the end of World War II has dug a deep rift between western and eastern EU members over how to distribute the migrants.
The crises has raised questions over the fate of the Schengen agreement allowing borderless travel across most countries within the 28-nation bloc, with several of them imposing border controls.
Hungary’s right-wing government has faced international criticism over violent clashes with migrants and a hastily erected fence along its frontier with Serbia, but in a shift late Friday, Hungarian authorities began transporting thousands of migrants straight to the border with Austria, an apparent bid to move them through …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper