Nigerians, road accidents and the Blood of Jesus


By Philip Obin
FILE PHOTO: An accident secne
I sincerely think that as Nigerians, we need to embrace science and technology, study it and understand it as much as we studied and understand religion and faith. It will do us a great deal!
I am a devoted Christian, but the way we allow religion and faith kill us in this part of the world is amazing! You board a dead vehicle from a dead motor park, with almost dead drivers, and instead of trying to check and ask questions such as if the driver is qualified, licensed, fit, not under alcoholic influence or if the vehicle is good, sound and has good tires, we’ll rather prefer to donate monies to fake preachers who come on board to tell you how people die on road accidents because they didn’t give or donate monies to them in the name of giving!
They preach and tell you how to cover the almost dead driver, dead vehicle, dead tires and dead steering with the blood of Jesus, and we’ll shout a loud ‘Amen’ to it?
Why do we derive joy in looking for witches and wizards ho are after us, when we fail to do the most primary things we ought to do to guaranty our safety? For how long can the blood of Jesus continue to allow bad vehicles convey us from Abuja to Lagos all the way? Why don’t we rather pray for miracles that will catapult us from one location to another, if that is so easy?
I will prefer we have technical experts volunteering to visit motor parks, instead of men of God, and sensitive passengers on how to spot inexperienced, unlicensed or drunk drivers, what to check out for before boarding any commercial vehicle; and also work closely with drivers and owners of commercial vehicles, …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper