CAC explains temporary disruption of its services


The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) said on Thursday that the temporary disruption of services experienced by its customers in recently was due to ongoing implementation of new innovations and government policies.
The commission’s Director of Customer Service, Lady Azuka Azinge, stated this during its Customer Service Week celebration in Abuja.
Azinge said that the commission was currently undergoing changes in several operational areas, including migration to the Treasury Single Account (TSA), with their attendant challenges.
She, however, explained that the initial challenges had been significantly addressed, including sensitisation of the customers on how to make their payments into the TSA.
“One of the reasons you have this problem is because we are going through changes in several operational areas.
“For instance we changed our main service portal, moved into something more efficient and more modern. So, naturally such things come with difficulties and problems.
“The new TSA which government has just introduced is also another one, because linking to our own portal and all that took a while but gradually things are taking shape.
“ We have linked to the remittal, which is the main portal that government is using to drive this policy and it is working very efficiently now.
“Initially, it was difficult but we are already operating it.
“For those who are not aware we also have our enquiries unit where they walk up to our staff who put them through.
“We also pass circulars, did newspaper adverts and we also had a write-up we circulated, showing them the right steps to take to get into that portal.”
The director said that one of the teething challenges the commission had with the TSA was the delay experienced by customers in the process of verifying their payments at the its offices.
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Source:: PM Newspaper