Insecurity: Lawyers advocate community policing


Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase
Two lawyers have advocated community policing to curb insecurity in the country.
The lawyers expressed the view in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Friday.
Mr Alhassan Umar said it might be necessary to post policemen to their places of origin for effective policing.
“ If a person joins the Nigeria Police and is posted to his place and he works there, it would ensure proper gathering of information because those within the community know themselves.
“ If a stranger comes in he can be easily identified but by the time, maybe, you have a policeman that was posted from Akwa Ibom to Borno, he is a stranger in the midst of the members of the community.
“So, it would be difficult for him to have accurate gathering of information intelligence.
“So, I think, if we have a system whereby the middle class officers in the Police Force are those from that community, we will have a better policing than what we currently have, “ Umar said.
He called on the government to hasten action to implement community policing in the country.
Another lawyer, Ms Christie Nwaka, called on the government to ensure that policing was evenly distributed among the people.
“The structure in the Nigerian Police system is the type that protects only the politicians and the wealthy individuals who can pay for them and allow the poor masses to suffer in the hands of criminals.
“We should bear in mind that no policing can successfully function without the support of the community because each of them knows what others do.
“An effective community driven policing would also help tackle inadequate manpower profile in the Nigeria Police Force as well as effectively curb insecurity,” she said.
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Source:: PM Newspaper