Death Trap? Lagos destination for deadly potholes


Lagos state has given potholes in new definition. Potholes are not only small opening carved out on its roads by rainfall and lack of drainages but these are death traps, that an unsuspecting motorist can pay dearly for.
These potholes have resulted unnecessary traffic or go-slow as the case may be. In some cases, car owners have to visit mechanics after a trip or two on these roads.
To explain the deadly nature of these potholes, PM News Photo Editor, Idowu Ogunleye went across some part of Lagos to capture some of the baddest potholes.
Vehicles struggle to use the only good patch on this road but even the supposed good path is not good.This is Ilasamaja road in Lagos StatePhoto: Idowu Ogunleye
Welcome to Isolo road in Mushin area of Lagos characterised by rather large potholesPhoto: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Thanks to this blocked drainage, motorist have a hellish time on this road in Ilasamaja. Residents should also take the blame for this.Photo: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
The story is no different at Iyana Isolo, also in Lagos State.Photo: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Oshodi in Lagos is popular for its commercial activities but potholes like this can mar its potentialPhoto: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Apapa is widely dreaded by residents and travellers mainly because of the traffic. Along Wharf road in Apapa, the road is very bad.Photo: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Hassan bus stop, Sadiku is not inviting at all, for very obvious reasons.Photo: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Oshodi Isale like Sadiku is an eyesore.Photo: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper