H‎ow Nigeria could become the greatest black nation – Amb. Carrington


Jethro Ibileke/BeninFILE PHOTO: 2013 Fellows with Ambassador Walter Carrington and his wife, Dr Arese Carrington, Consul General to the US embassy, Lagos and Members of the CYFI boardPhoto: socialwork4action.blogspot.com
Former Unites States of America Ambassador to Nigeria, Walter Carrington, has said if leaders of the country could eradicate extreme poverty and stop using government to meet their needs of their people‎, Nigeria will not only become the giant of Africa but “that great Black Country to which all the world will pay tribute and wish to emulate.”
Carrington who spoke in Benin Thursday, at the 1st Eminent Lecture series of the University of Benin, Benin City entitled “Nigeria and Future of The Black World,” said there is a far flung diaspora which sees a revitalized Nigeria as the great hope of The Black World, noting that “at a time when so many dismiss Africa as a continent made of nations whose leaders are too venal to govern on behalf of their people, we look to Nigeria to prove the doubting Thomas wrong.”
He said for more than a century, the greatest of American President, Abraham Lincoln, described the ideal democratic state as one which was of the people, by the people and for the people, saying that “it is by the standard we continue to judge nations today.”
Recalling Nigeria’s 50th anniversary celebration five years ago, Ambassador Carrington said the country was becoming at last a nation “of the people.”
He however regretted that most of the half a century, Nigeria had rarely been a country that was ruled by the people.
“For most of this time, it has been controlled by the military juntas who neither had nor wanted the consent of the people,” he said.
He was optimistic that with a democratically elected civilian head of state and with the personality of President Muhammadu …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper