Odia Ofeimun: I will be the Governor of Edo State


By Odia Ofeimun
Odia Ofeimun
I want to be Governor of Edo state in 2016. My purpose is to realize a collective sense of achievement for a people who have always taken pride in being heirs to a great heritage. Colonialism may have demolished that heritage and the incorporation into a larger Nigerian fold may not have assuaged it. But I am determined to prove that within the particularity of one nationality, Edo, and the fold of a multinational state, Nigeria, it is possible to achieve high feats of modernity, cultural civility and technological proficiency comparable to that of any other country in the world. And, this, within forty months. Not two terms of office.
My strategy is to bring together the best minds that Nigeria, at home and in Diaspora, can muster. It calls for a basic recourse to self-sufficiency while attracting the best minds across the nation, and the world at large, to participate in a new modality of nation-building. I believe that this must begin with the complete elimination of illiteracy across all age grades. Put every child at school and nudge and humour and cajole every citizen under 60 years of age, and above if they so wish, to go to school.
Provide for everyone who does not have it, whether native or not, with the equivalent of a school certificate which the Nigerian Constitution, since 1979, has declared the minima for full citizenship. Not to forget: the current Constitution requires that people may vote but cannot be voted for unless they acquire this equivalence or a diploma. It is not a responsible provision for a Constitution to have. Unless education is offered free at the requisite levels and made justiciable, it is a dampener of commitment to a healthy sense of nationality. A country that makes education …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper