I was stalked, almost assassinated in Britain – Prof Alexia Thomas


Prof Alexia Thomas
Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party and Chieftain, Commonwealth Alliance Treaty Commission in United Kingdom has stated that she was stalked by unknown persons and was almost assassinated.
Thomas who has been at the fore-front of fighting against any act of slavery, injustice and dehumanization of United Kingdom Border Agency, UKBA against Commonwealth citizens raised alarm when it became disturbing.
Obviously, the consistent and various justifiable steps undertaken by Professor Thomas, famously known in most homes in almost two decades as ‘Her Knowledgeable’ had not gone down well with some people at United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA).
‘Royal Mother,’ as she is often referred to, observed that she was stalked daily, followed and closely monitored. She said she kept receiving anonymous-blocked phone lines but matters came to the worse, when she knew a third party had bunged her phones.
In a letter to Commissioner of Police, Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard dated 24 July 2015, titled: ‘UKBA Personnel Plot, Decoy to Assassinate me and Eliminate my Family’ reads “My life is threatened daily by some personnel of UKBA especially from Oakington and Collinbrook detention centers, because I fight against the injustice orchestrated on Commonwealth citizens.
As an activist, an advocate, it is my will to fight for social justice and liberty for Commonwealth citizens and the Black Race. The oppression of Commonwealth citizens and Black Race in detention centers like Oakington, Collinbrook and many more should never be undermined because the truth of the saint cannot protrude against the saint.
In Professor Thomas words: “I have heard enormous support from the government, the Prime Minister, Prince of Wales and Her Majesty The Queen. This is because the Government has proven justice to the vulnerable is freedom, an act to willful their redemption, this can never be denied.
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Source:: PM Newspaper