Why I fought on the side of Ojukwu, Biafra – Lt Fola Oyewole


Lt. Fola Oyewole
Retired Lt. Fola Oyewole, a former Nigerian military officer of the Yoruba stock, fought on the side of Biafra during the civil war. Before then, the 77-year old was imprisoned in Lagos and Enugu because of his role in the first coup 50 years ago but was released by late Lt Col Ojukwu.
Q: In your book, you wrote that after the coup, you were detained in Lagos and then transferred to the East but Ojukwu released you. We wonder why you didn’t run away?
A: Where do you want to run to? In Nigeria I was absolutely persona non grata, is it heaven you want to run to? Apart from that I and other Yoruba colleagues had the fortune of having a chat with Chief Obafemi Awolowo when he came to the East. He and leaders of south east I cant remember all of them. On behalf of Nigeria, they came to plead with Ojukwu and we had the fortune of meeting him (Awo) because my late uncle, M. A. Oyewole was Awo’s friend. So when he was leaving Lagos, he jokingly told him, you must come back with my son. So when he came to the east, Awo started looking for me. Eventually he left a message where I would meet him and I did. I told my colleagues and we all went and we saw him and in the course of the discussion, we did ask if we could come home and he said ‘not now, don’t try it’. So what do you do? And the easterners were not chasing us, so why not stay where you are accepted? So we stayed.
Q: You didn’t run away. But why did you decide to fight on the side of Biafra?
A: Now there was a trade I learnt- that is …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper