PICTURES: Burial of Niyi Osundare’s mother, Madam Ifasimia


Photos By Idowu Ogunleye/Ekiti
Reception for guest at the Ekiti State Government College’s playing field after the church service for Late madam Ifasimia Osundare, the mother of Professor Niyi Osundare, on 8 January 2016 at Ikere, Ekiti State.
Prof Niyi Osundare and his wife
Dr. Folusho Osundare and his wife
L-R: Kadaria Ahmed and Molara Wood
Ben Tomoloju (L) and a guest
Dr femi Aborisade and Tunde Odunlade
L-R: Femi Osofisan, Prof Biodun Jeyifo, Prof Niyi Osundare and Odia Ofiemum
L-R: Egnr. Ijasin Ajibade and Rev. Ijasin Anthony
L-R: Prof Femi Osofisan, Prof Biodun Jeyifo and Prof Niyi Osundare
Hilarious! L-R: Prof Niyi Osundare and Kunle Ajibade laugh to a joke
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Source:: PM Newspaper