Zakzaky is alive, recuperating from bullet wounds in Abuja – IMN


Pakistani Shiite Muslims carry placards of Ibrahim Zakzaky, a Nigerian Shiite radical who wants to set up an Islamic Republic, at a protest against the killing of Shiite Muslims in Pakistan and Nigeria, in Lahore on December 18, 2015 ©Arif Ali (AFP/File)
Leader of Muslim Shi’ites in Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenah, are alive and are recuperating from gunshot wounds at an undisclosed location in Abuja, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a Shi’ite group, said in a statement on Thursday.
Ibrahim Musa, spokesperson for the group confirmed in a statement that El-Zakzaky whose whereabout had been a source of concern since the violent confrontation between soldiers and members of his group in Zaria, Kaduna State was visited by the contact committee of National Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, NSCIA on Wednesday.
“On Wednesday 13th January, 2016 some members of the contact committee set up by the NSCIA visited Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement, who is incarcerated by the federal government since 14th December, 2015.
“According to a member of the committee, Prof. Dahiru Yahya, they met the Sheikh and his wife, Sister Zeenah Ibrahim, in Abuja, and are all recuperating from the bullet wounds they sustained during the army’s attack on the Islamic Movement in Zaria.
“The Islamic movement welcomes this development. It is a step forward in quelling the anxiety of the teeming millions of Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, all over the globe, in knowing at least the whereabouts of the Sheikh and the condition of his health,” Musa said.
The group however said it was steadfast in its demand for justice and the release of its leader.
“However, we are still adamant in our request that the Sheikh be set free unconditionally, because up to now the government has not been able to justify the unjustifiable atrocities committed by …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper