Tinubu never spoke on Buhari and PDP, says media aide


Tinubu: debunks online story
The national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has declared as fiction and fantasy an online report, in which he was quoted to have predicted that the Peoples Democratic Party would stop President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid in 2019.
The report was published by a little known online platform, Post Nigeria online, dated 14 January with the title, “I am afraid PDP will stop Buhari in 2019 – Tinubu.
” The writer, Amako Nneji, concocted the latest work of political deceit,” said a statement Friday night by Tinubu’s media office.
“No sane reporters would dare put their true name to this screed; it is pure libel. If the disciple of this libel truly believes in this account, we challenge him to visit Tinubu’s office or to announce where he can be found. Tinubu’s attorney will serve the writer with a complaint for libel. The writer will then have a chance to defend and explain himself in open court and before the public. If he is so sure of the fidelity of his tale, let him speak openly before us as to what he wants us to belief is the truth instead slinking about writing lies in the anonymous dark.
“The falsity of the article is patently clear in that it does not even comport with the minimal standards of journalism. The writer fails to divulge the date or the place the alleged statement. This omission is willful. The writer does not state these basic facts because the meeting never happened; to give such information would make it even easier to prove his work is a lie. The writer has not seen Tinubu and has no idea where Tinubu was on any given day.
”Worse, the writer says Tinubu was speaking to newsmen. If …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper