Why I’m fighting for Commonwealth citizens in UK – Prof Alexia Thomas


Prof Alexia Thomas* “Justice is never given; but it is exacted and the struggle must be continuous for freedom is never a final act, but a continuing evolving process to higher and higher levels of human social, economic, political and religious relationship” – Phillip A. Randolph
“National injustice is the surest road to national downfall”, postulates William Ewart Gladstone (1808-1898).”
Professor Alexia Thomas, chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, has stated why she is fighting for the Commonwealth citizens and why she is on a collision course with British Prime Minister, David Cameron.
She said going by the apt philosophy duly captured in the evergreen words of Gladstone, a foremost British liberal politician who knew how the mindset of the British government operates, since he served four times as British Prime Minister more than any other
person and later served as Chancellor of Exchequer, it would not be out of place or a coincidence to say that he knew all the injustice office of the British Prime Minister coerces down the throat of the Commonwealth citizens whose only crime is black colour
of their skin.
Enraged Prof Thomas, a frontliner and an outspoken opposition of the British government says she has demystified the administration of David Cameron, British Prime Minister and exposed all the legislative confraternity ongoing in the Conservative Party.
In a statement issued after a media briefing in London, she warned Cameron and the British government against the deportation of people with colour. She claimed that some Commonwealth citizens are set to be deported on 26 and 27 January, 2016.
“Your unlawful deportation of Commonwealth citizens out of the UK breaches Article 9 Of The UDHR 1948, Commonwealth Citizens Chartered Flight Deportation, a covert operation in promiscuity,” she said.
She noted that: “David Cameron and his Conservative Party destruction of the Commonwealth citizens in the UK using …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper