Ambode: The Awaiting Glory For Lagos


By Segun Olulade
A dancing troupe at the Lagos CarnivalPHOTO: Emmanuel Osodi
By the year 2025, it is projected that about 40 million people will be living in Lagos. Nigeria’s foremost mega society, the economic hub of West Africa and the most populated African community; Lagos is undoubtedly a second Nigeria in terms of administrative complexities. It is often said that any governor who can manage Lagos successfully can obviously manage the entire Nigeria.
Towards the close of the seventh Assembly, the former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola addressed the Assembly in a special session to present a clear situation of economic challenges based on dwindling financial situation as orchestrated by the Federal Government under Goodluck Jonathan and as a result of sharp decline on federal allocations and refusal of the Federal Government to reimburse Lagos State on projects executed on its behalf by Lagos State.
Lagos, with strong economic base and opportunities, does not come without challenges especially managing a steadily rising population which has continued to put pressure on facilities, making big efforts from the government to translate into little impacts in the eyes of the populace.
The emergence of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, a seasoned career accountant as Governor is a blessing to Lagos State at this critical economic relapse. A great money saver, prudent financial manager, astute believer in planning and steady approach to sustainable human development, Mr. Ambode is an antidote against a financially staggered Lagos in a time like this. He comes with a high profile in managing special financial situation as evident in the roles previously played in salvaging Lagos State against gagging by the Federal Government under the former ruling party, the PDP and precisely Obasanjo administration when Lagos created 37 additional Local Governments. Then, Mr. Ambode was the Accountant-General of Lagos State.
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Source:: PM Newspaper