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Defections: APC Can Withstand Any Plot To Undermine It From Within


Chief John Oyegun, national chairman of the All Progressives Congress
The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun in an interactive session with journalists at the APC headquarters in Abuja on Monday spoke on several important issues in the polity including the fight against corruption, the economy, Kogi state deputy governorship, mass defections to the APC, the party’s Anambra Central Senatorial candidacy and party funding:
On the economy
Our party is very aware of the hardships that the misgovernance of the last 16 years has plunged this country. We are very aware of the hard and tough times that a lot of Nigerians are going through. Apart from the party, let me also say that it is the main concern of Mr president. He is fully aware of the tough times that people are going through. And I want to give the assurance that everything is being done to better the economy and ameliorate the deprivation that people are going through.
I think that many Nigerians understand why things are the way they are and that the Buhari administration has inherited a prostrate economy. Not just that, nobody envisaged that there will be a near total collapse of the price of crude and when you juxtapose that with our consumption habit, when we tend to import everything in quantity from toothpicks to the choicest champagne, all these products do put pressure on the foreign exchange stock of the nation and all of this has given rise to all the issues that are being dealt with by the president’s team.
But one needs to emphasize that as a nation, we got used to excessive consumption. We are not a producing nation. Virtually everything we have is imported, there is even a joke that some of our elites order pizza and such other …Read More

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