Can We Allow The Travesty In Kogi State To Stand In A Democracy?


Joe Igbokwe
James Faleke
I am writing this piece as Joe Igbokwe not as APC Publicity Secretary Lagos State. I am writing as an independent writer and a public commentator on national affairs. Please permit me to air my views before we swear in Alhaji Yahaya Bello who never won the governorship election in Kogi State. The System may have decided in their own wisdom to swear in Mr Bello but l want history to record that l saw a travesty and an aberration coming and raised an alarm. The alarm may be ignored but history which neither personal wealth nor power can circumvent will be my witness.
The truth here and nothing but the truth is that the late Chief Abubakar Audu/ James Abiodun Faleke won the November 21, 2015 Governorship election fair and square before Audu’s death in the early hours of Sunday, November 22, 2015. When the news filtered into the public space that Audu had died what the State INEC Returning Officer, Professor Emmanuel Kucha would have done was to do an urgent truthful and honest consultations, carry out a simple Arithmetic, check the number of registered voters, check the number of those with PVCs in 91 polling Units. The world was told that there were 49,000 Registered Voters in the remaining 91 polling Units and out of the 49,000 voters only 25,000 had PVCs. But the late Audu was leading with 41,000 votes. Assuming that all the 25,000 persons with PVCs voted for PDP, Abubakar Audu would still have beaten Governor Wada silly with 16,000 votes. This professor turned sound reasoning upside down by saying the election was inconclusive and ordered for supplementary election in the remaining 91 polling units. Now what was the result? Only about 10,000 votes were garnered in the futile …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper