PICTURES: Nigerians celebrate World Hijab Day


Idowu Ogunleye/Alausa
At the Secretariat Community Centre Mosque, Alausa, Lagos state women came out in droves to celebrate World Hijab Day with a march to the Lagos House of Assembly.
During their march, they urged the government not be ban hijab in Nigeria.
Member of the Centre Mosque, Alausa, marking the World Hijab DayPhoto Credit: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Selfie Time: A group of ladies celebrating World Hijab Day take some picturesPhoto Credit: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Like football jerseys, these ladies have World Hijab Day imprinted on their hijabsPhoto Credit: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
This little girl is also celebrating this year’s World Hijab DayPhoto Credit: Idowu Ogunleye/PM News
Cross section of ladies celebrating the World Hijab Day sit to be addressed at the Lagos State House of Assembly. Phorto Credit Idowu Ogunleye …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper