We have always regarded the media as partners – Lai Mohammed


Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and CulturePhoto: Femi Ipaye/PM News
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says he has always regarded the media as partners, hence the cordial relationship he has enjoyed with them over the years.
Speaking at a meeting with members of the Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) in Lagos on Thursday, the Minister said it is therefore inconceivable that he would attack the media, as some have insinuated in recent times.
”Gentlemen, I did say, at a different forum, that since we launched the National Sensitization Campaign (against corruption), corruption has started fighting back. I said pseudo-analysts and hack writers have invaded the media space to shoot down the campaign. You can therefore imagine my consternation when some people extrapolated that to mean that we have started attacking and blackmailing the media since we launched the National Sensitization Campaign Against Corruption.
”It is apparent that those making this accusation either did not read our statement in full or, if they did, did not situate it in the proper context,” he said.
Alhaji Mohammed said even when his party was in opposition for many years, he had never believed that the media could be bought or swayed.
”And this explains why, during our time in the wilderness, we enjoyed more media support than even the ruling government or party. We have nothing but tremendous respect for the media, and we reject any accusation of attacking or blackmailing the media. We welcome any criticism of our efforts, because we believe that will enrich the discourse,” he said.
The Minister sought the support of the NPAN for the various campaigns which the Federal Government has launched or is planning to launch, including the National Sensitization Campaign Against Corruption.
”Gentlemen, we need your support for the ongoing campaign against corruption. Corruption is real and the …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper