Ken Nnamani was one of PDP’s ‘Golden Boys’ – Okupe


Senator Ken Nnamani
Doyin Okupe, former senior special assistant to former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs has described Ken Nnamani, a former senate president of Nigeria as one of the ‘Golden Boys’ of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Nnamani who recently dumped the PDP was also described as a man of comportment, integrity, courage and honour by Okupe.
Okupe noted that there were pleas for Nnamani to review his decision to quit the party but that it fell on deaf years. “I was privileged to have been one of a few high powered select group of associates of former senate president, Ken Nnamani whom he briefed of his intention to leave the PDP a few weeks ago,” Okupe said in a Facebook post.
“There were emotional pleas from many for him to review his decision,” he added.
Doyin Okupe
Okupe who served during Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration said: “But in spite of the palpable and tremendous pressure mounted on him at that meeting, he remained resolute though as usual very polite.
“For Ken Nnamani the die was cast and the golden curtain has fallen on his PDP performance stage. He was indeed one of our “Golden Boys”, he said.
“Nnamani is perhaps one of our very best. He had comportment, integrity, courage and honour. He felt severely frustrated by minions who have continued to hold the party to ransom and who unfortunately appear to enjoy the support of those who circumstances and misfortune has put the ill defined leadership of our party upon.”
“Along this tortuous journey, as Bob Marley said, “good friends we have lost, good friends we will miss along the way”
“But this show must go on. Some of us will persevere and by God’s Grace and Mercy ,this Party shall prevail. For a fact and for the avoidance of doubt it is neither over …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper